Stanley Hotel


A front view of the notorious building

Audrey Whalen , Reporter

Ever seen “The Shining”? Ever wondered if that was a real place? Yes, it is a real place, this hotel is in Estes Park, Colorado. This is said to be a very haunted hotel. Many have visited and- some say- many never left.

“I recently just watch Shane Dawson’s video on this hotel. He did not capture much ghost evidence but the hotel was creepy on its own,” junior Jahmiah Higgins said.

The Stanley is on Colorado’s historic landmark lists, as well as a member of the historic hotels of America, and has been around since 1909. Lots of famous people have visited the hotel over the past 100 years, including Stephen King. King apparently had numerous experiences at the hotel, which inspired him to write the book “The Shining.” The book was later adapted into a Stanley Kubrick film of the same title. 

“I loved ‘The Shining’ it was such a good movie, a classic. I cannot believe the place he wrote about was [real],” sophomore Megan Walkenhorst said.

The hotel is said to be haunted by many ghosts but according to the Stanley hotel website,  a few are more popular than others, including a little boy who is heard repeatedly calling out for his “ma.”  Many guests on the website said they have heard this little boy and even taken his picture.

“It is so sad that little boy can not find him mom. It really breaks my heart,” freshman Nick Bono said.

Another famous ghost is “Martha,” according to the hotel website, she is the ghost of a maid and resides in room 217. She is said to be a very traditional lady and does not like when unmarried couples come and stay in the room.

“Martha just sounds like a ghost I do not want to come in contact with,” junior Katie Akers said.

The Stanley Hotel has lots of other qualities other than being haunted. It has a very unique architecture. For more information, check out the website and read all the stories people have posted and the photos people have shared.