Walmart Scan and Go



This is the ad that Walmart used to promote their "Scan and Go" service.

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Walmart is expanding its “Scan & Go” service, which allows customers to bypass checkout lanes in-store, to 100 new stores, including the Wentzville location. 

The service, which is already available in 25 stores, lets shoppers scan the barcodes of their selected items through a dedicated mobile app as they place them in their cart, then allows them to pay through the app and walk out of the store after showing their digital receipt to a Walmart employee, according to Business insider. 

“I think it’s really cool to be able to just get through the usually long line. I didn’t even know this has ever been a thing, but now that it is, I’m definitely going to start doing that,” freshman Lucas Sweeney said.

Walmart is not the only retailer to offer services that allow for mobile checkout. Kroger recently expanded its “Scan, Bag, Go” service to 400 more stores, and Sam’s Club has already offered a similar technology in its locations nationwide for some time, according to

“It’s crazy how quickly this world is creating solutions for simple monotonic like waiting in a line. Technology is crazy. I’m totally going to start using this, because I hate the lines at Walmart,” junior Andrew Pisciotta said.

Walmart is also in the process of developing a cashierless store. Business Insider reports that the concept is being tested by Walmart’s incubator, store number 8, and could potentially result in the loss of many jobs, according to the article.