Are Aliens Real?

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Some sort of extraterrestrial life has got to exist in this universe. You can be religious or not and still believe that there is some sort of alien in the universe, because people need to keep in mind that even a microscopic cell on another planet would constitute alien life.

But even if there is a cell on another planet, there is not way that there is not another conscious being in the universe. There are approximately the 100 billion planets, in the Milky Way alone. If there is not a cell, let alone another conscious being, in any of those 100 billion planets then call me crazy.

It is so hard to fathom that people actually believe in their heart of hearts that there is not another living thing outside of Earth. Now, aliens are most likely not what popular culture has made them out to be, with the green skin and the fat eyes and a round head. They don’t even have to be intelligent.

For decades the famous Drake Equation has been used to estimate the number of technologically advanced species in the universe. Now Adam Frank from the University of Rochester and Woody Sullivan from the University of Washington take a slightly different approach to the problem and suggest a modification of the Drake Equation. Instead of estimating how many civilizations are out there to communicate with today, they estimate how many civilizations have been out there since the beginning of the Universe.