Seniors Speak on Swofford Game


Seniors in Swofford Game Credits to Calissa Ervin

Bella Rainey, Web Designer & Reporter

The 14th Annual Swofford Basketball Game was held at Timberland last Friday, March 2. The faculty battled the students for the title of Swofford Game champions.

“The atmosphere was like any other sporting event everyone was excited and a little nervous because we all wanted to get a win for the seniors and were excited to just have fun,” senior Calissa Ervin said.

The faculty ended up defeating the seniors in the last second of the game, winning 46 to 45.

“My favorite part of the game was getting to trash talk all of the teachers during the game. Also getting to watch how bad we were at some points in the game [too]. I was a little sad about the outcome. We could have done some things different to get the win, but losing by one isn’t something to get too upset over,” Ervin said.

The Swofford game was started in memorial of Scott Swofford, a teacher and coach in Wentzville, and has been held at Timberland and Holt for the last 14 years.

“[The Swofford Game] is something that helps the school year kind of come to an end, especially for me because basketball season is over. It is just a fun experience with your teachers, even though it gets a little too competitive at times,” senior Shyamal Patel said.

At Timberland, the students have only beat the teachers one time, keeping the rivalry alive.

“My favorite part [of the game] was trash-talking with Mr. Porter and Dr. Lindquist. I even rubbed Mr. Lindquist’s head for good luck! [Overall] I do think that we should have won because I got off with a slow start and that impacted us but we came cose and it was a whole lot of fun,” Patel said.

Overall, though the faculty may have won, the energy for the remembrance of Scott Swofford is still high, and teachers and students through the whole Wentzville School District continue to support his legacy.