Can Stress Harm?


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This picture is a symbol for how everybody has stress and how it has become a big problem.

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Ever thought that all of that stress could be deadly? Chronic stress stems from many circumstances including poverty, a bad marriage or long-term ailments. Its repercussions are elevated cortisol levels and inflammation can wear us out, from the cellular level on up to our major biological systems, according to an article from Popular Science.

“Stress seeps into other areas of your life, it doesn’t just stay contained,” sophomore Abby Island said.

Eventually, if the stress is intense or chronic, the adrenal glands struggle to keep up with the many stressors your body encounters. Adrenal fatigue or burnout can result. Lack of energy, poor moods and a decreased ability to handle life’s daily stresses are common signs of weak adrenal glands, according to the article.

“Too much stress is unhealthy, but a little bit of stress can motivate you to do things you need to do. Having stress in your life is an easy thing to resolve if we all did it together,” freshman Ty Patton said.

The health problems caused by adrenal weakness are far reaching and can be serious, because without strong adrenal health, the body isn’t capable of dealing with everyday problems like illness, toxins or normal emotional stress

“Whenever possible, make positive changes in order to reduce the number or intensity of stressors you experience. It can have a substantial impact on your physical and emotional health,” according to an article from

Students face a lot of stress towards the end of the year such as finals, seniors leaving and juniors taking the ACT. Students need to learn to take a more stress-free approach to life, according to an article from