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Is Bryce Harper a Fit for the Cardinals?

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Is Bryce Harper a Fit for the Cardinals?

Josh Calloni, Reporter

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The MLB offseason has finally begun, and one player is the center of all the hype. He also might just be a fit for the Cardinals. That player, is Bryce Harper.

Harper, who just finished up his sixth and what might be final year of his career with the Washington Nationals, is now 26 years old, and free to sign with any team.

The Giants have rumored to see Harper as their “number one target” and other teams such as the White Sox, Phillies and Cardinals have put their interest out to the media on Harper. The problem with that is, the Giants have no money for a young free agent, having one of the most expensive payrolls in the league, and some of the worst results.

The White Sox are a rebuilding team, going 62-100 last year. Harper would go with the young core they are developing in the minors. However, with Harper being with a team that could never escape the first round of the playoffs, he might want to win now. The Phillies have the money and the skill level, but where would Harper play? The Phillies have an already very crowded outfield, and adding Harper would make it no better.

As for the Cardinals, Harper might just be falling right into their hands. Harper has tweeted out before that he loves the city of St. Louis, and loves playing in Busch Stadium as an opposing player. The financials are there too. St. Louis has the money, and has been willing to spend it the last three offseasons, going after Jason Heyward, David Price and Giancarlo Stanton. They also have the hole in right field, which, as of now, would be manned by a struggling Dexter Fowler, or high strikeout rookie Tyler O’Neill. The upgrade could turn the Cardinals into a favorite to win the NL Central. On top of this, the Cardinals have wanted a middle of the order power bat for a very long time, and Harper would be perfect example of that.

Harper, has announced nothing as to what he might want yet, where he would prefer to go or what kind of money he might want. A Las Vegas native, and, with the leagues offseason Winter Meetings there, it could be around the time Harper signs his contract. However, his agent, Scott Boras loves to drag out the process until the last minute, so that might the case too.

Harper is almost guaranteed a 300 million dollar contract no matter what teams he goes to, and most around St. Louis hope that the Cardinals are that team.

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Josh Calloni, Reporter

My name is Josh Calloni, and I am a junior here at Timberland. I like to write, and I want to be a sports journalist. I strive to write like Ken Rosenthal....

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Is Bryce Harper a Fit for the Cardinals?