Fall Activities

Kayla Davito, Reporter

While autumn technically does not start until September 23, Timberland students are already preparing for cooler weather and fun fall activities, such as apple picking, pumpkin carving and corn mazes.

“My favorite thing about fall is going on hikes, because I like being outdoors and in nature,” junior Isabella Hankins said. 

Trading warm summer day on a beach for a pumpkin patch or hiking trail might also call for a change in clothing. Popular choices among students for favorite fall clothing were Uggs, leggings and hoodies.

“I am looking forward to wearing hoodies, because I always them anyways, but now I will be able to without looking crazy since the weather will be better for them and other people will be wearing them too,” sophomore Ellary McLaughlin said.

Along with fall activities and clothes comes the food. Caramel apples and candy corn are already starting to appear in stores.

“I do not like candy corn. I feel like it is a cliché food for the season, but it just tastes bad,” Hankins said.

Though stores are already filled with foods and decorations for Halloween and even Thanksgiving, autumn is not everyone’s favorite season. Some people, like sophomore Blake Dodd, dislike it and would prefer the warm summer weather to fall.

“My favorite season is summer because that is when we are out of school,” Dodd said. 

Autumn is not everyone’s favorite season, but many of the THS students interviewed agreed that were at least some good qualities. The leaves are starting to change colors, and maybe some opinions on autumn.