HoCo Proposals

Homecoming proposals- some people love them, some people hate them, but either way, they still occur every year and 2019 is no different. From flowers to posters, there always seem to be new extravagant ways to ask someone to the dance. 

“Tommy told me that he wasn’t going to ask me this year, but he surprised me. He got my parents in on the plan and showed up at my front door to propose. It was a sign that said ‘Flowers are the second most beautiful thing, can I go to homecoming with the first?’. He also gave me roses and my favorite candy,” sophomore Alexandra Moore said.

Some people like the idea of homecoming proposals and consider it a sweet or romantic way to ask someone to the dance. 

“I like homecoming proposals because I think it’s a good way to show your appreciation for that person rather than simply asking through a text,” junior Julia Easley said. 

However, not everyone agrees that homecoming proposals are the way to go. In fact, some people, such as junior Rachel Campbell have strong feelings against the proposals.

“I don’t really like them that much. They can just be really extra. There’s no need for that, they need to calm down,” Campbell said. 

Like them or not, homecoming proposals are an annual occurrence at most schools and will most likely continue to pop up here and there for the next couple of weeks. The dance itself will take place on October 5.