Powderpuff 2017


Allison Jordan

Powder Puff, 2017

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

Powderpuff has been an annual event since Timberland opened in 2002, with each game bringing different twists and surprises. Last night’s game was no different. 

The sophomores beat the juniors with a score of 21-0. The sophomores had a strong defense and did not let the juniors get past them.

“Even though we lost I still had fun representing my class,” junior Julia Papez said.

The freshman and seniors also went head to head, leaving the freshmen defeated, 14-7. The freshman score only one touchdown.  

“Powderpuff was a great experience even though we lost,” freshman Tynlee Jones said.

The super bowl, as the final game is called, came down to sophomores vs. seniors. The seniors defeated the sophomores with a score 21-0. The seniors won this year; in 2016 the class of 2018 also won.

Even with the rain lots of people showed up to support their kids. The rain did not bring anyone down.

“With the rain we were slipping all over and it just made everything more fun,” senior Cassidee Wakefield said.

The seniors took their last W before they graduated, due in part to teamwork.

“I am glad we beat the sophomores,” Wakefield said.