Horrific Horror Movies

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

What makes horror movies horrific? Author Stephen King has said in an interview that he first strives for being terrifying, then horrifying, then he goes for a “gross-out” that is most of the time disturbing.

“What makes something truly terrifying is the music because it makes it intense. Not having a stereotypical ending, having an original thought out ending. Not having the dumb girl live and the jock die. The lighting also has a big deal to set up the atmosphere,” sophomore Krista Maki said.

Some people say what makes a movie scary are the outside forces such as the music or the lighting.

According to an article from Concordia University, horror entertainment triggers a fight or flight in the body, while the viewer know they are safe, but it releases endorphins and an adrenaline rush.

“You get such a rush when a big jump scare hits you, or when there is a long chasing seen. It feels good to be scared, but know that you are really in a safe place, with some friends and eating popcorn,” junior Kobe King said.

Whether it is horrific or terrifying, horror movies were made to be entertaining. Some people are serious watchers with a devotion to their favorite scary monster, while others watch more casually.