Wolf's Howl

2019-2020 Staff

Grace Rascher

Hello! I'm Grace Rascher. For my senior year at Timberland High School, I am very excited to be a reporter for Broadcast Media. I love sports, photography, and taking videos of all the amazing people,...

Gavin white

Hello. I am 15 years old and a sophomore. I enjoy playing baseball and enjoy being, and working with, animals. I joined broadcast media, because I enjoy being in front of, and behind, the camera. I...

Carly Bohning

I'm Carly Bohning, a senior at Timberland High School. I enjoy Stage Managing for theatre and listening to heavy metal. I love watching horror movies and hope to have a career in film in the future. I...

Jamia Harris

Hi! My name is Jamia Harris, and I am a junior. I enjoy hanging with my friends and watching Netflix or Hulu in my free time. This is my first year being a reporter for WHTV.

Mitchell Weitkamp

I play soccer and baseball. I have 2 dogs. I like to go to sporting events, either at the school or professionally. I am a reporter for WHTV.

Brooke Benne

My name is Brooke Benne I like movies and writing and someday hope to achieve a career in a field involving those topics. I'm a sophomore, and I have a lot of pets. My favorite color is tiffany blue. This...

Denise Trescott

I'm Denise Trescott, and I am a senior here at Timberland. I enjoy making art and camping. My favorite part of Broadcast is editing the videos.

Adam Routt

What's good? I'm Adam Routt, and I'm a reporter and anchor on WHTV. I'm a small, tiny little music man, and I'm planning on being a professional composer and performer after high school. Stay funky!  

Kaitlin Terry

Hi my name is Kaitlin Terry, and I am a junior. I like to watch netflix in my free time. I am a big fan of the NBA. I am reporter for WHTV.

Tristan Davis

My name is Tristan Davis. I am a Senior at THS. I am interested in basketball and track. I also enjoy playing video games and am a reporter for WHTV.

Jacob Spudich

Hello. I'm Jacob Spudich, a senior here at Timberland. I enjoy many things like watching sport games and movies that I find enjoyable. I'm a reporter for WHTV, and I want to major in broadcasting in college.


My Name is Jacob Van Camp, and I'm on the reporting team here at Timberland's WHTV. After school, I am a Timberland wrestler and a competitive powerlifter who goes around the state competing. I am in my...

Luke Morgan

I am a sophomore at THS. I went to Boone Trail Elementary and South Middle School before THS. I enjoy video games, hunting, fishing, and soccer. I participate on the JV soccer team and am a reporter for...

Connor Jeffreys

I like 50 cent drinks at on the run. Also, I like Alabama Football. I am a reporter.

Ireland Murray

My name is Ireland, and I'm a sophomore here at Timberland. My favorite class English, and I enjoy editing and reading in my free time. My favorite part of Broadcast is getting to edit the videos for WHTV.

Hayden See

I'm Hayden. Baseball and hockey are the main topics I write about. In the future, I want to work with a professional sports organization's media department. Pineapple belongs on pizza.

Kayla Davito

Hi! I’m Kayla a sophomore here at Timberland. This is my first year as a reporter for Wolf’s Howl, and I’m excited to write and publish stories. Some of my favorite things include photography, foo...

Tayonna Henderson

I'm Tayonna, and I'm the one on the left in this picture. This is my first year on the online news staff. I’ve been taking photos for the last five years, and I’m very happy I can do something I enjoy....

Kya Gooch

Hi, I'm Kya Gooch, a senior at Timberland! This is my first year as a reporter for Wolf's Howl. In school, I am a member of color guard and winter guard. Performing is my passion, and my favorite way...

Ryan Fredrick

Hey, I'm Ryan Fredrick and I've been on the THS Newspaper Staff for four years. I love music, movies, video games, T.V. and anything that takes me out of my perpetual and (possibly eternal) boredom.

Josh Calloni

I'm Josh Calloni, and I'm a senior. I like baseball and that is probably the most important thing anyone needs to know about me. My favorite players are Trevor Bauer and Paul Goldschmidt, and my favorite...

Patrick Kissel

Hello, I'm Patrick Kissel. I'm a second year reporter on Wolfs Howl, and I took intro to journalism freshman year. I am a junior at Timberland. Outside of Wolfs Howl, I am also a member of the Youth and...

Nolen Cooper

My name is Nolen Cooper, I am a junior at Timberland . Writing is pretty fun, so I joined the school newspaper. This is my second year on the newspaper team, and my first on WHTV. I like to cover many...

Aubrey Nolen

I'm Aubrey Nolen, and I'm a reporter with the Wolf's Howl Newscast. I love to dance, play piano and travel.

Jacob Windham

Yo! My name's Jacob Windham, and I'm a sophomore. I enjoy many things including partying with my dogs and making videos. One of the reasons I took the broadcast media class was so that I could still make...

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