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Calloni’s Corner: MLB Winter Meetings

Josh Calloni, Reporter

December 19, 2019

Baseball’s winter meetings are looming, and throughout the week lots of big news and rumors are sure to surface. This year, the winter meetings will be held in San Diego, and will be held from December 8th to the 12th. The...

Calloni’s Corner: Astros Sign Stealing Scandal

Josh Calloni, Reporter

December 2, 2019

Recently, the Astros have been caught in a sign stealing scandal, and, if convicted, the evidence could lead them to a harsh punishment.  The scandal involves the Astros using an illegal camera in centerfield of their home ballpa...

Calloni’s Corner: MLB’s Offseason Begins

Josh Calloni, Reporter

November 6, 2019

This winter, there will be a plethora of big time MLB free agents, and some are going to get a large amount of money, but what remains to be seen is what teams they will sign with. Leading the charge in free agency will be cu...

Calloni’s Corner: Managerial Openings in the MLB

Josh Calloni, Reporter

October 30, 2019

Entering the MLB offseason, there are currently eight managing jobs opening around the major leagues, some better than others. Starting in the AL Central, the Royals longtime manager Ned Yost has announced his retirement, lea...

Calloni’s Corner: 2020 MLB Rule Changes

Josh Calloni, Reporter

October 3, 2019

In 2020, the MLB has announced that a few new rules that could be in play, or will be in play, and each of them will have a much different impact to the sport. The first rule to be imposed is changing the roster size from 25...

Calloni’s Corner: Cardinals Outfield Logjam

Josh Calloni, Reporter

September 16, 2019

The Cardinals have a good problem: they have roughly nine major league caliber outfielders for four spots. The rest could be used as trade bait for pitching, but who would make the cut? Looking at the most prominent outfielders, t...

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