Wolf's Howl

2018-2019 Staff

James Strong


I'm James, a senior at Timberland. I classify myself as a mega-nerd, I play video games, enjoy science and math, I read comic books, and lastly, I enjoy superhero movies.

Hayden See


A junior at Timberland, Hayden See spends most of his time reading, writing, researching, or talking about sports. In his first year of Online News at Timberland, he has found new found time to write more...

Brady Snavely


Brady is a senior and is a second year broadcast student. He loves the on-camera side of broadcast media and looks forward to attending the Broadcast Center of St. Louis next year and starting his news...

Nolen Cooper


My name is Nolen Cooper, I am a sophomore at Timberland High School, I took Online News because I want to be a reporter when I'm older. I prefer to write about sports, but I will write about anything.

Patrick Kissel


Hello, I'm Patrick Kissel. I'm a first year reporter on Wolfs Howl, but I did take the journalism class freshman year. I am a sophomore at Timberland. Outside of Wolfs Howl, I am also a member of the Youth...

Emma Tucker


Hey, I'm Emma Tucker and I am currently a sophomore. This is my first year taking Broadcast Media and I am really excited to explore this different side of editing and journalism! My hobbies include soccer,...

Brynn Laspe


My name is Brynn Laspe. I was born and raised in Missouri in a little town called Overland. I moved out to Wentzville when I was 12 years old and joined the Wentzville school district. I have a little...

Aubrey Nolen


I'm Aubrey Nolen, and I'm a reporter with the Wolf's Howl Newscast. I love to dance, play piano and travel.

Sanjna Tailor


Hi, my name is Sanjna Tailor. This year I am a senior and this is my first year as a reporter for WHTV. In school, I am a part of Student Council and DECA. These organizations help me think of creative...

Lucas Sweeney


Lucas Sweeney is an amazing kid. Although he edits video all through the night, he still somehow keeps up with his academics.

Michaela Broder


I am a junior. I have an *almost* full-time job, and I really enjoy helping others, hence why I am considering teaching for a profession later in life. Sports have always been a very important part of...

Julia Easley


Hey Timberland. My name is Julia Easley, and I am a sophomore. This will be my first year with the broadcast team, and I am really excited to try something new.  Outside of school, I love hanging out w...

Jake Fletcher


My name is Jake Fletcher. I'm a senior. I joined the broadcast staff due to my interest in video production and the process behind creating videos. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, do...

Allison Baltz


Hey Timberland, I'm Allison Baltz, a senior and reporter for Wolf's Howl TV. I joined the broadcast staff to learn more about the production process, and to be on a team of people who share the same in...

Lexi Jackson


Hi, I'm Lexi Jackson! I'm a first year reporter for Wolf's Howl TV, aka, WHTV. I'm a senior at Timberland; you can find me on the varsity cheerleading team. After highschool, I'm planning on going to college...

Megan Mueller


Hey there, I'm Megan Mueller and I'm a senior here at Timberland! Here at The Wolfs Howl, I am the website editor. This means I stay updated with the website, whether that be what content you see on...

Audrey Whalen


Hi, my name is Audrey Whalen, I am a senior at Timberland and this is my second year on the newspaper staff. I would like to consider myself a social butterfly. I try to go to every football game and...

Ryan Fredrick


Hi, I’m Ryan Fredrick, and I am a goofy weirdo. My passion is comedy and making people laugh. When I get out of school, I plan on being an entertainer. I enjoy watching movies and quoting Pulp Fict...

Josh Calloni


My name is Josh Calloni, and I am a junior here at Timberland. I like to write, and I want to be a sports journalist. I strive to write like Ken Rosenthal. I want to cover baseball specifically. This wi...

Jacob Windham


Yo! My name's Jacob Windham, and I'm a sophomore. I enjoy many things including partying with my dogs and making videos. One of the reasons I took the broadcast media class was so that I could stil...

Addison Collier

Reporter ,Editor

My name is Addison Collier, I am a senior here at Timberland High School. In school I am involved in broadcast media and the behind the scenes work for our school theatre productions. I love everything...

Robby Manor

Reporter, Editor

My name is Robby Manor, and I'm 16 years old. My favorite time of the year spring. My favorite hobby is playing guitar and playing baseball. I like fast American Sports cars. My favorite kind of music...

Mason Wilbanks

Reporter & Editor

My name is Mason Wilbanks, and I'm a part of the Wolf's Howl Broadcast team. I mainly take control of the whole newscasts as an editor, while also focusing on segments I've taken lead on or have been...

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