Wolf's Howl

Does Religion Hold a Place in a Secular Government?

Patrick Kissel, Reporter

October 8, 2018

Filed under Op-Ed

In God We Trust. The national motto, established in 1956 and reaffirmed in both the House of Representatives and the Senate in 2002, 2006 and 2011. It was ruled constitutional in 2013 by the courts, added to the state seal of Miss...

The 9 Fingered NBA Player

October 4, 2018

Filed under Op-Ed, Sports

When Gerald Green was in 6th grade he attempted a dunk on a makeshift basketball hoop, when the ring on his right ring finger got caught on a nail and his finger was ripped into two. Needless to say Gerald Greens journey to be...

Homework…Is it a Necessary Evil?

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

October 1, 2018

Filed under Op-Ed, Weekday Update

Homework can be beneficial, and it can have negative impacts. Giving a student too much homework can cause them to become overwhelmed, often resulting in the homework not being completed. Doing research lots of teachers, stud...

Summer 2018: What’s Up With All of These Bad Albums?

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

September 20, 2018

Filed under Op-Ed

Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Drake and Nicki Minaj among others, dropped albums this summer. These summer albums were mediocre at best. Big players such as Wiz Khalifa and Travis Scott’s albums were nothing i...

Calloni’s Corner: Will the NL ROY come from the Cardinals?

Josh Calloni, Reporter

September 18, 2018

Filed under Calloni's Corner: Sports Opinions, Op-Ed, Sports

The Cardinals have had a very successful season, with many players coming up from Memphis making their major league debuts. Will any of these players be lucky enough to win the NL honors of Rookie of the Year. The most impact...

Legacies Ruined by Crimes: Right or Wrong?

Josh Calloni, Reporter

September 18, 2018

Filed under Op-Ed

When athletes and celebrities pass, or when they stop doing what they do, their legacies are passed down. However, sometimes, those legacies can be changed by crime, or cheating. However, is it really fair to judge them like ...

Women Will Win

Carley Zimmerman, Reporter

September 14, 2018

Filed under Op-Ed, Weekday Update

Women are often told that they can’t have a specific job or a promotion in their workplace due to them simply being women. Their gender is what makes people believe that they’re incapable of doing the same exact job as a m...

Predictions for the 2018-19 NBA Awards

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

September 14, 2018

Filed under Op-Ed, Sports, Weekday Update

The NBA season is still very far away, yet there are a few players who had played on a different level last year, and seem to improve every year, so here is a prediction list for the 2018-19 NBA awards. The top pick for NBA...

‘When We Collided’: A Book Review

Audrey Whalen, Reporter

August 30, 2018

Filed under A&E, Op-Ed, Review, Weekday Update

“When We Collided” by Emery Lord is about a girl named Vivi who traveled, for the summer, to Verona Cove. Johan Daniels has lived there his whole life. Vivi is going through some hard times and Johan is going through even...

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