How many hours should you work?

Tayonna Henderson, Reporter

Do you currently have a job while you’re still in school? If so, you are one of many. 

The percentage of high school students working while in school increased from 16 to 64 percent within the last 18 years.

Many personally believe that students face so much pressure today and adding a job to it isn’t making it any better.

Now, one misleading idea is that students should have some idea of what the work field is. But students should not be working 40 hours a week. That’s full-time hours.

Many of these kids are growing up before it’s their time. Honestly, their grades are affected by it, the amount of sleep they get at night, and they can have energy has decreased drastically.

Students end up reaching a breaking point, with no sleep and the huge loads of schoolwork every night. Some of them cannot take it anymore. Some have mental breakdowns, they end up shutting down, irritable and very hustle to others.

Most would say if high schoolers know that they would not be able to keep the full-time commitment of having a job they should not have one. That’s incorrect, the fact that some students have to work shows a drive, but they should not be losing sleep to show they are determined.

Some students have jobs to take the pressure off of their parents, but their parents do not want their children to stress.

There are some benefits, they can save up for college, have their own money when they want to hang out with friends, they learn to have time management. Do these benefits outweigh the negatives? Personally, you can only focus on the negatives when it efforts your life negatively.

When the students have to do work and school work one will end up falling behind, which will it be?

At the end of the day, they should not have to not sleep, eat, or even make sure their grades a good for them to work a job that isn’t that important.

Students crave to be better than others, even when it slowly harms their bodies. What would you do if it was you?