Formula E: The Best Racing Series

An Op/Ed

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Formula E is one of the newest ways to race professionally, and it has some of the coolest features of any type of racing. From fan boosts to attack mode to racing on city streets Formula E is the coolest way to race. 

The cars of Formula E, all have the same vehicle, so how do manufacturers such as Nissan, Porsche, Renault and more win races when they all have the same cars? They use strategy on energy consumption, coasting in most other forms of racing is considered a bad move because you’re not benefiting yourself in any way. However in Formula E coasting will save battery power, and with no recharging allowed this allows for strong strategies to be made, making the smartest teams the best teams. 

Formula E has one of the best ways for fans to interact called, fan boost. Fan boost is a way for fans to vote for their favorite driver, and the three most voted for drivers gets a five second boost of 100kj of power to use whenever they want.

The racing is not as high speed as Formula One, but the courses have tighter roads two cars can barely fit next to one another making the high speed overtakes very intense. 

The coolest part of Formula E is the courses, they take place on city streets in places like New York. The causes also get short strips of battery chargers in the road that when driven over give the driver more power for a short time based on how long they were in the strip. The catch is that the strip is off the optimal driving line so drivers must choose best line or power boost.

Formula E is the coolest way to race today, with no emissions instant torque cars and crazy Mario Kart like power boosts.