Wolf's Howl

Literature During the Pandemic

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

April 17, 2020

Reading literature can give people a place to turn to while sheltering at home -- and not just because it is comforting. It is because it can help people grapple with enormous changes many are experiencing right now.  There has been ...

Star Wars: The End of a Saga

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

March 5, 2020

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” premiered Dec. 20, 2019, and with it, the supposed end of the Star Wars main saga storyline. Star Wars is always a big deal in any medium, and Star Wars fans are always enthusiastic when it...

Spotify is Superior to Every Other Music-Streaming Service

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

February 15, 2020

The battle to win your ears is here. Mobile music streaming apps have turned into a highly competitive business, but Spotify jumped to an early lead and has claimed a place at the top since 2008.  Starting off as an independent Swedish music...

War and Twitter: How Social Media is Changing Warfare

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

January 24, 2020

Soon after the drone that killed Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, the mastermind of Tehran’s regional military Quds Force and one of the most popular leaders of the Islamic Republic on Jan. 3, President Trump was tweeting and retweeti...

Four Day School-Week Improves Productivity

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

December 19, 2019

Workers at Microsoft Japan enjoyed an enviable perk this summer: working four days a week, enjoying a three-day weekend — and getting their normal, five-day paycheck. The result, the company says, was a productivity boost of 40%...

Film Critics and Why They’re Opinion Shouldn’t Matter

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

December 2, 2019

Remember when film critics were obsolete? When it seemed like the entire world had gone critic-proof because they just did not matter anymore? It is hard to pinpoint when, exactly, film critics attained peak irrelevance, but ...

“Joker” is No Laughing Matter: A Review

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

November 6, 2019

“Joker” is a monumental step forward for film. The film explores a fascinating exploration of a man that is fractured beyond repair. A standalone movie that is separate from any other DC movie, “Joker” was directed by Tod...

Too Many Streaming Service

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

October 30, 2019

Back in the early days of streaming services, people only had to pay for one or two to unlock the never-ending possibilities of stream-able entertainment. Currently, there seem to be hundreds of streaming services, with each o...

“Warmageddon” is upon us

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

September 16, 2019

Thousands of studies conducted by researchers around the world have documented increases in temperature at Earth’s surface, as well as in the atmosphere and oceans. Many other aspects of the global climate are changing as well. H...

The Benefits of Year-Round School

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

September 16, 2019

The year-round school has been in place in some school districts for a long time; in others it is a divisive topic for many other districts. In a year-round educational format, schools continues to operate 180 days per year, bu...

People’s Obsession with Serial Killers

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

March 15, 2019

Recently there has been an absurd amount of obsession with serial killers. With the release of the now renown “Conversation with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes,” some people now act as if they are professionals in the field ...

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