Teacher Hits Student In California


Hayden See, Reporter

Last month, a student in the Los Angeles area and a teacher got into a fight.

The encounter was captured on video. The teacher said it started when he told the student to leave the room because he was not dressed in proper uniform. The situation escalated when the student threw a basketball at the teacher and taunted him with racial slurs. Then apparently before the teacher snapped at him. The teacher held nothing back fighting the student, landing more than ten punches. The incident was a surprise to many at the school, as the teacher taught at the school for seven years and was widely respected.

“Both of them are in the wrong in this situation. The student shouldn’t have used racial slurs and thrown a basketball while the teacher should have not fought back with such violence,” junior Connor Price.

After the incident got out and went viral online, the teacher was fired. A Go Fund Me was started to cover his legal costs and it netted over $90 thousand. He is currently being investigated for child abuse. He posted a $50 thousand bail after being arrested. His trial is set for the end of the month.

“I support what the teacher did. He stood up for himself when he felt threatened. If I was in his situation I would have done the same exact thing. People today put up with way too much because they are afraid about what will happen if they defend themselves. He did the right thing,” junior Ashton Smith said.

The teacher was so widely respected at the school that the faculty pleaded the district attorney to not press charges. Until his trial date, the school has put him on paid leave until November 30th.

“The teacher should not have done what he did. If he goes without any punishment it would set a very bad precedent” junior Blake Ebner said.

The teachers trial is set for November 30th while the student has been expelled.

CNN used as source.