Pancakes vs. Waffles: Which is better?

Aiden Bruer, Reporter & Editor

With the many debates over sweet treats on social media, a major one centers on a breakfast food battle: pancakes vs. waffles.

According to a survey by SWNS digital, 25 percent of Americans prefer waffles over pancakes, and 34 percent say they don’t care. So, WHTV decided to look into where students and staff stand on this food debate.

“Waffles hold syrup in the holes better and don’t become as soggy,” junior Brock Schlueter said.

Thomas Jefferson is rumored to have brought the first waffle iron to America in 1789, and in 1869, Cornelius Swarthout was granted a patent for the first waffle iron in the U.S. according to ChicagoWaffle.

“Pancakes just taste better. You can put stuff in them without them burning,” junior Seth Rightnowar said.

According to fitday, the healthier option would be pancakes, because they, on average, have 20% less calories than waffles, due to their smaller size.

“Waffles have a great texture design to hold the syrup, but pancakes are good too. Waffles really hold the flavors,” junior Case Cooper said.

Waffles as they are known today are from the Netherlands and Belgium. It was not until waffles came to America from the Dutch, that they were eaten with maple syrup. Waffles only gained global popularity when they arrived in the US, according to Chicago Waffles.

“Waffles are my favorite, because you can have a hard outside or soft outside,” junior Landon Keener said.

August 24 is now celebrated as National Waffle Day.