Wolf's Howl

Defence Secretary James Mattis Resigns

Patrick Kissel, Reporter

December 21, 2018

Secretary of Defence James Mattis has resigned from office, following the Attorney General and numerous other cabinet officials who have resigned from the Trump administration during its first two years. Mattis’ resignation ca...

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The Midwinter Tale

December 20, 2018

Claire Leonard: JV Dancer

Kayla Davito, Reporter

December 19, 2018

During half times and competitions, people see the perfected routines of the junior varsity dance team, but not the hours of practice behind it. One of the team members is freshman Claire Leonard who has been dancing for 1...

Professionalism in the Presidency

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

December 19, 2018

There is one word that President Trump needs to learn: professionalism. Many people think that the President’s media presence should have dignity and respect. Even many Republicans say Trump’s tweets are “beneath the digni...

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