Apple Music Vs. Spotify

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Music is a big part of many lives. Whether it helps with stress, brings on a good mood, or sets the emotions high, almost everyone listens to some form of music in their everyday lives. Two of the most highly used music applications, Apple Music and Spotify, which is considered better for the ultimate music enjoying experience?

“I have not used Apple Music much, so I am biased towards Spotify. I think Spotify is better, because it has higher quality. The sound quality on Spotify can go up to 320kbps which is higher than Apple Music,” junior Jonny Paneitz said.

Apple Music and Spotify have their similarities and differences. Although Spotify was introduced in 2006, almost 10 years before Apple Music, Apple Music is a close competitor even though it has only been in business for two years.

“Apple Music is better than Spotify. It is better, because you get to download or listen to any song at any time without having to pay extra. Spotify is kind of a hassle for people who have more than one person on their account, because if you are on it, and then someone else gets on it, sometimes it won’t work. You can’t control the music you want. I also like Apple Music has unlimited skips and doesn’t have ads,” senior Olivia Lotz said.

The two music streaming devices both have their pros and cons between students. Each with their favorite and least favorite thing about each app.

“My favorite [thing about Spotify] is you can download music for offline listening almost instantly. My least favorite thing is some artists are not on Spotify,” Paneitz said.

Both music devices cost the same for each month. Subscriptions starting at $9.99.

“My favorite thing would probably be the unlimited music and skips and no ads. My least favorite is the cost every month. I feel that if you are paying for an iPhone, then Apple Music should come with it,” Lotz said.

Between the wide variety of choice each device provides, each has their own unique trait that differs them from any other music application in the social media marketing world.