California Wild Fires

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Madison Kosydor, Reporter

The California wildfires have made a huge impact on the state of California and the world. The fires started in early October and spread rapidly. Over 8,400 homes were destroyed and 42 lives were lost according to

“I think it’s a tragedy because people are losing their homes and animals are losing their houses as well as people,” senior Kadin McDaniel said.

Some students even know people affected by these wildfires, and understand the changes the fire caused for the state.

“My sister Jamie lives in California… she’s told my family that the weather in California right now is all sorts of crazy,” senior Cole Brown said.

Environmental effects can be damaging from wildfires. People who go back to the ruble to collect items through the ash can be very hazardous. The soot that has risen into the air can pollute the air and make it dangerous to breathe in, according to

“We need to do something about global warming, because I feel like that has a big affect on it,” McDaniel said.

There is not a clear sign as to what started the wildfires but many speculate it is from dry weather and blazing hot temperatures. After the wildfires caught ablaze, they just kept being carried by the wind, to the point where nothing could help to stop except to just letting the wildfire take its course.

“I know we can’t really prevent droughts or the weather but making sure grass is always somewhat watered especially in hot climates could help,” senior Drew Domalewski said.

Students have ideas as to what people should do to help prevent and help with forest fires.

“We could wetten the fields and trees so that they don’t start up as easily. Clear out brush areas from houses so that it can’t start up either,” Brown said.

When thinking about forest fires, always remember the motto of the U.S. Forest Service’s Smokey Bear, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires.”