Teacher Spotlight – Jeff Renz

ISS Supervisor Jeff Renz in his 2016-17 school photo.

Trotter Photography

ISS Supervisor Jeff Renz in his 2016-17 school photo.

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

ISS teacher Jeff Renz is a coach and father, and DECA named him the September teacher of the month.

“You feel good about these types of things… I work hard to be a good coach and father and now I’m getting gratified for my work,” Renz said.

Both of Renz’s children go to Timberland, and they said having their father at school with them helps them stay motivated to get classwork done.

“It’s really embarrassing to have my dad at school with me, because he always knows what I’m up to. It’s also nice because he gives me a ride to school every morning. It’s fun to be able to joke with him at school,” junior Thomas Renz said.

Renz started working as a coach and adviser for Timberland the 2015-2016 school year.

“It was nice having a dad who worked here so I knew where all my classes were. I didn’t need any assistance in finding my classes,” freshman Zack Renz said.

An interesting fact about Renz is that he was adopted as an adolescent, but grew up with his adoptive parents his whole life.