Stranger Things Vs. Stranger Things 2

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Madison Kosydor, Reporter

The Netflix show “Stranger Things,” created by the Duffer brothers, released the second season on October 27. The series, since the season’s second release, has gotten much hype from critics, fans and new viewers.

Many claim the second season topped the first, not only by opinion but by numbers as well. The second seasons premiere brought in 15 million viewers in just three days, twice that of what season one brought it, according to

“My favorite season is two, because Eleven is sick in that season and a lot of cool stuff goes on. When Mike and Eleven meet it’s just beautiful,” senior Kylie Morrow said.

The cast is bigger and better than ever, each cast member making $30,000 per episode plus bonuses. The cast ranges from actors and actresses from ages 14 to 50, according to

“I really liked Billy and Max, they are the new characters in the season,” senior Brandon Wisdom said.

New actors and actresses were added onto the cast this season, creating new adventures, charisma, and twists for viewers to engage in. However, some still prefer the original.

“Season one [was my favorite] because I liked being introduced to the characters. Season two had too much going on and I didn’t like the new characters,” sophomore Carly Bohning said.

Seasons one and two had majoring plot differences, each setting the scene in a different light for everyone to enjoy.

“In the first season, you deal with one demogorgan but in the second there is like a hundred demogorgans. There’s that one shadow monster that Will is afraid of in the second season too,” Morrow said.

There are already rumours of Stranger Things 3 to be released late into 2018, kicking everyone into speculation about what the season will bring.

“[In season three] I want to see the kids to grow up a little bit and to see a different breed of demogorgan or some type of villain,” Morrow said.