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Attempt to Ban Transgender Service Members

Tynlee Jones, Reporter

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In August, President Trump  attempted to ban transgender people from serving in the military. Judge Colleen Kollar – Kotelly blocked the ban.

This ban would have reversed the rules that former President Barack Obama put in place.

“If someone feels that they want to serve their country, then they should serve,” Staff Sergeant Andrew Ketterman said.

After Trump announced this ban, transgender people who were already serving in the military threatened to sue him. According to CNN News, this group said Trump was disregarding their Fifth Amendment rights, and the whole thing was unconstitutional.

“If these people are serving our country and doing it with the right intentions, then it shouldn’t matter how they sexually identify,” junior Lilly Hetz said.

The judge said she blocked the ban, because the transgender people trying to sue Trump had “good reason,” and that what Trump was doing was unconstitutional.

“It’s 2017, and many people are starting to adjust their views on things like this. I think he should’ve realized that it might upset certain people,” freshman Keagan Wilson said.

Many who agree with the ban have said that having transgender people in the military may be a distraction: if people who do not believe being transgender is right, they may not trust their fellow service men and women which could affect a mission.

“The military is based on trust; a lack of trust could lead to injury or even death in combat,” former Correctional Specialist Tom Burniski said.


According to CNN News, being transgender in the military may have negative effects on the transgender person as well. They may be looked down upon or treated differently than regular members, depending on the views of others.

“Transgender people… may receive harassment from other comrades,” freshman Drew Patton said.

Some people tend to think that being transgender should not matter as long as it does not interfere with the mission.

“I don’t see why people would be so concerned about it. For the most part, this isn’t going to affect them. I don’t think they need to be worried about it until it comes to the point, if it ever does, that it directly affects them,” freshman Donovan Horn said.

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Attempt to Ban Transgender Service Members