Charles Manson’s Death

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Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Charles Manson, the infamous cult leader of the 60’s, passed away on November 19. Manson was well known for leading one of the world most famous cults, who murdered five people, along with the actress Sharon Tate, in the late 60’s.

“He is a serial killer that killed people by using his cult following. He killed some celebrities and had plans to kill many more people,” senior Luke DeRousse said.

Manson was caught, along with his cult followers, and was sentenced to death in 197. This was later reduced to life in prison. He was behind bars from 1971, till his death in November, a total of 46 years.

“He is without a doubt a sick man who was doomed from the start, but he was kept behind bars for most of his life, which is good,” DeRousse said.

Manson died of natural causes, at the age of 83.

“It’s sad when anyone dies no matter who they are, but its our life, our souls are infinite, but our bodies are not,” senior Logan Bollenberg said.

Because Manson was famous for his gruesome murders that he had his “family” following commit, and his act of murdering the famous actress Sharon Tate, whom was nine months pregnant at the time, made an impact on the world. Ever since the announcement of his death, people affected by these murders have spoken up.

Debra Tate, Sharon Tate’s sister, said “she prays for him,” according to

“His death impacted the world because its an example how one simple person can affect the world with his words and manipulation,” Bollenberg said.

Charles Manson’s name will remain in infamy throughout history.

“His reign of terror ended long before I was born, but it is sad because it’s a rare opportunity to get an insight on his way of thought, but of course it is good that he is dead,” DeRousse said.