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Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

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Victoria Secret, founded in 1972, has hosted their famous fashion show annually since its first debut in 1995. The Victoria Secret fashion show is a runway extravaganza that showcases their new lines, and featured world famous models like Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum. Every year, the shows get bigger, better and more glamorous. With the fashion show approaching its 22nd year, people expect flying colors and wings.

This years fashion show aired on November 28.

“I watch the fashion show every year. This year I hope to see some new models,” junior Khloe Neihoff said.

Now, the fashion show is not only models walking down a runway, but also a concert. Musical guests are welcomed to the stage to perform as the models make their debut.

“I like seeing all the models walk around in their outfits and looking at them interact with the singers. I’m expecting a good performance from Miguel this year,” senior Jessica Wood said.

Many expected a great show, and that is what was brought to the table, besides the first ever model to fall down on the runway in Victoria Secret history, model Ming Xi.

“I thought it was hilarious, but I felt bad for her. I know that they pre record the show so I don’t know why they showed her falling on national television when they could have edited that part out,” Neihoff said.

The center of the show is obviously focused around the models and their dazzling outfits.

“I love seeing all the different outfits they wear. It’s all so crazy; I don’t know how they function in them,” Neihoff said.

Viewers also get some insight on what goes on backstage during the show with hair, makeup and outfit changes.

“My favorite thing is the behind the scenes looks you get about the girls and their journey about being a model and getting to be apart of the fashion show,” senior Olivia Lotz said.

Many have high expectations for next years show, wondering how Victoria Secret keeps topping the runway year after year.

“[Next year], I would like to see some new girls and bigger and better wings,” Lotz said.

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show