A Poem

Kylie Youngren, Senior

You know,

It’s more difficult than you think.

To write a poem,

I wonder if I could type it in pink.

You know,

I’m not quite sure what to write.

It could be about anything.

Oh! Maybe it could be about Sprite!

You know,

Sprite isn’t a great pick.

Though I can’t seem to find anything good,

Maybe I could write about a stick.

You know,

I could try to talk about food.

Though, I’m unsure what to make of this,

And I’m not really in the mood.

You know,

I’m really struggling here. T

his poem is due tomorrow and I still haven’t a clue,

I wonder if it’s too late to submit something from last year.

You know,

I know this poem won’t win.

Still not sure what to do,

I suppose I could turn this one in.

You know,

I feel like I should write something more.

How can I write a poem without a topic?

If only I could come up with something

that isn’t a bore.