As I Stand

Jeffery R Davis, Senior

As I Stand

As I look into the mirror,

I marvel at the man there before me.

As I stare into those blue eyes,

I wonder how nobody sees through them

As I dream through the silent night

I fight those damned demons inside of me.

As I press through the masses

I am amazed by their normality.

As I struggle against my chains,

I remember why I locked myself there.

As I stand here looking at you,

I am terrified you will see through me.

So I hide behind my own lies,

And tell myself I can live like this.

Hiding all my broken pieces,

Praying that no one looks too far inside.

Maybe if I work all my life,

I could pull the pieces back together.

Until then, I will hide myself,

And just keep pushing everyone away.

Maybe, just maybe I will quit.

But I am terrified to let myself.

So I put myself far away.

As I stand right here,

right in front of you.