Logan Paul


Photo from twitter.com

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Logan Paul,  22, was discovered via the social media world; has soon got his name spread far further than that. The YouTube sensation first launching off in the app Vine. He later got onto bigger projects, such as starring in small films and eventually gaining a huge YouTube subscription of approximately 15 million fans.

Paul recently damaged his reputation and jeopardized his fan following by posting a video that sparked negative attention from fans and even celebrities. In the video, Paul exposes a deceased body he finds in the Japanese forest known as “The Suicide Forest.” He uploaded the video of him showing the body, making jokes, and laughing with his friends.

“[Paul] should not have done that. The video takes a turn for the worst, and it gets bad. I unsubscribed and disliked it,” junior Mason Barrett said.

Because of this some have argued YouTube should kick Logan off the website.

“It should not have been on YouTube, and YouTube should have prevented him from posting it,” junior Khloe Niehoff said.

Paul was not removed from YouTube but was kicked off of Google Preferred, according to abcnews.org.

“[The video] was really disrespectful and inappropriate. You don’t put something like that on social media for the public eye,” junior Kate Meara said.

Paul has taken a metaphorical beating not only about the controversial video, but about his fame and following.

“Nothing [Paul]  does is funny or influential,” Meara said.

Paul has still been laying low since this incident, claiming on his Twitter page that he needs time to “reflect and take a break.”