YouTube Restrictions

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Whether it is tutorials, DIY’s, funny pranks, music videos or the infamous collection of cat videos, YouTube has it all. But no matter what is being watched or who is being viewed, YouTube needs to implement better guidelines as to what content they allow on their website.

YouTube does have age restrictions on videos they deem as inappropriate for underage users. However, children and people of all ages can find any type of video they choose on the internet with ease.

YouTube should have stricter limitations on content they allow and also the people they allow on their website.

A specific incident where internet sensation Logan Paul, recently has sparked the debate on this.

Paul posted a video displaying a deceased body, for his fan base of 15 million subscribers. Most of them being teenage girls.

Many found the video disturbing, and complained to YouTube as to why they would allow Paul to post such a video. YouTube quickly removed the video and has since put restrictions on Paul’s YouTube page.

Timberland students about 170 out of 314 say that YouTube needs stricter limitations, while the other 144 say that the limitations that are now set are fine.

Stricter guidelines for the website will protect younger audiences from viewing anything to inappropriate. Also stricter limitations for people on YouTube will protect fan bases from stumbling across bad influences.