Is Makeup Considered Art?

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Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Makeup and makeup artistry has been around for almost six thousand years. It has been a cultural ritual in almost every aspect and corner of the world. But the question lingers, is makeup itself, considered an art?

Why are makeup artists called artists if what they practice is not considered art itself? Makeup is a way to transform, makeover, and improve a person’s face, according to

Makeup artistry is a practiced skill that not everyone is born with. It has to be built over time, therefore it is a skill mastery of some form of art.

Out of a poll by the students in Timberland, 46.8 percent out of 84 say that makeup is considered art.

To become a makeup artist it takes at least a year in training, or more. Makeup artists have to become officially qualified and licensed in order to pronounce themselves with that title.

Makeup artists don’t sway far from actual artists. It involves the same basic concepts, brushes, tools, and a blank canvas.

Makeup artists and all artists alike should be appreciated and acknowledge more for the beautiful and unique works they can create. Whether it be an abstract painting on a wall or a glamorous sculpted out face.