Cloning Monkeys

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Chinese scientists have recently made new discoveries. Allowing them to clone two female monkeys. This new discovery can open doors for the future.

The monkeys were cloned using SCNT, somatic cell nuclear transfer. They basically take DNA from one monkey and enter it into a egg cell with no nucleus, to create the same basic copy of the first host, according to

“This is very interesting. I did not know that actual animals could be successfully cloned,” senior Collin Milek said.

With the cloning being a success, scientist predict that they could clone bigger and better things in the future. Eventually leading up to human cloning perhaps.

“I think cloning could be a good thing, because then we could clone humans in the future for research,” Milek said.

Other students are disturbed by the news of the monkey cloning, saying it is not humanly right or moral.

“I feel like it’s playing God. It’s bad, because its not how we were designed. We should reproduce not clone,” senior Ian Wilson said.

Since the cloning, both baby monkeys have been growing and eating normally. Both are said to be kept watch of 24/7 for further research, according to