Fortnite Take Over


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Madison Kosydor, Reporter

Fortnite the new hit sensation video game, was created in July 2017, as a free download game for Microsoft, PlayStation and Xbox users. The software originated by Epic Games and People can Fly, and quickly caught on as the new video game trend. There are currently 3.8 million users, as of February 8th, according to .

“It’s the best game ever invented. You can really bond with the boys,” junior Dylan Berhorst said.

 Fortnite is making its mark because it’s offered free to certain users. It also allows multiplayer options for users on the same device.

“The boys get to play with their friends, I think that’s why they like it so much,” senior Calissa Ervin said.

Some Timberland students say that Fortnite is “annoying” and a trend that needs to die.

“I hate when [boys] post it on their Snapchat story all the time. I hate when my boyfriend plays, because he doesn’t give me attention,” Ervin said.

Many refute that argument, saying Fortnite is a fun activity and game.

“The best thing about Fortnite is when I win and get to post it on my story,” senior Chase Harmon said.

Students said the Fornite trend is here to stay.

“There’s no way people play Fortnite too much. There will never be enough Fortnite,” Berhorst said.