Women in Hollywood

The iconic costume of the new superhero movie


The iconic costume of the new superhero movie "Wonder Woman"

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Movies like “Wonder Woman” that feature a female lead and a female director have been praised by most people. People recently have started to like more diversity in movies and T.V shows.

“I loved ‘Wonder Woman,’ I really thought that it was a great step forward for the feminist movement. It also helps that it was actually a really good movie,” freshmen Bella Daws said.

The director of “Wonder Woman,” Patty Jenkins is a big supporter of the feminist movement in film and in normal life. She hopes that women everywhere get more inspired and feel like they have a role model in their lives.

“I hope the success of the film will lead to change and lead to other people getting opportunities. I hope women become a diverse, easy hire for all sorts of jobs in the future,” Jenkins said.

Wonder Woman is the highest-grossing live-action film ever by a female helmer, and Patty Jenkins hopes the Warner Bros. superhero movie’s success will lead to more job openings for women, including those beyond the director’s chair.

“I felt that in that moment, there was a big message for the world that love wins. I would love for that to be something we implement more in our world today, because there are so many hard things going on that we think we have to fight against and be angry about, but actually, love wins,” actress Lucy Davis said.

Actresses are fighting to receive equal pay, strong female roles are minute and only three percent of female directors work on big budget films, according to USAToday.com.