Tips for Finals


Photo from the Blue Diamond Gallery

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

With final season just around the corner, many students are kicking it into high gear with studying, prepping and planning for the big tests ahead. Timberland students share some of their most helpful tips to help others ace the final exams.

“The most difficult thing for students during final season is making sure they are well prepared for each final. It can get overwhelming, because your teachers are pushing you to do well and you have eight different classes to worry about,” junior Kenzie Lucas said.

With juggling many subjects around, there is often the problem of time management.

“The hardest part about finals for me is balancing my time. It’s always a busy time of the year, and there’s a lot going on so it’s hard to fit studying in there,” senior Sarah Browning said.

Although there come hardships with studying, Timberland students have some tips on how to enlighten the process.

“I try and organize everything in my planner, so that way I know what to study and what homework I have to do each night,” senior Carley Gubera said.

Students may feel like they need to tackle every task at large, some suggest narrowing down the focus onto more important things.

“Focus on studying the classes you need to do well on the finals for. If you have a class where your grade is already really high, then spend less time studying for that final and focus on studying for the classes that the final will highly impact your grade,” Lucas said.

There also comes the word that everyone dreads to hear, procrastination.

“I know it’s cliche, but don’t procrastinate. It will make you more stressed in the long run,” Browning said.

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