Racism in Starbucks

Photo from Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

Madison Kosydor, Reporter

A Starbucks in Los Angeles California is facing judgment after an incident was caught on video of an African American man being denied the access code to use the restroom, right after a white male exited the bathroom.

The woman behind the counter claimed that the bathroom code was given to paying customers only, however the man who went before him was also a non paying customer. Brandon Ward, the man who filmed the video and posted it, was soon outraged. The video has sparked lots of racial debate over the Starbucks franchise.

“In the video it’s pretty messed up. The employees reasoning was way off and she said that the reason was he was not a customer so he couldn’t use the bathroom, but neither was the white man that went before him. It was clearly a race issue, so that’s not okay,” senior Luke Derrouse said.

The woman tried to ask Ward to leave the store, because he was causing a disturbance. He refused as he kept filming and he was soon escorted out by a security guard before the police arrived, according to cbsnews.com,

“The woman was in the wrong. She claimed the man was causing a scene and disturbance, but for them to let a white man use the restroom and then deny a black man is upsetting; I would make a scene too,” senior Kadin McDaniel said.

Since the incident, the woman in the video has left that Starbucks location; it is not certain whether she quit, was fired or was transferred to another location, according to cbsnews.com.

“I hope they fired her because anyone who saw the video knew she was in the wrong. If they didn’t, then Starbucks has been messing up,” McDaniel said.

After the video was brought to rise on social media by many angry viewers, Starbucks Corporate said that they would be closing all store locations on May 29 for a training day on racial-bias education, according to news.starbucks.com.

“I think Starbucks did a good job with issuing a training day for the employees,” Senior Davidvion Bell said.

Starbucks has not released any other information regarding the situation.

“It’s just sad that we live in 2018 and stuff like this is still happening,” McDaniel said.