NBA Updates: What’s happening in the playoffs?


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Lebron James takes the ball up the court in a crucial playoff game

Jon Kyser, Reporter

The NBA playoffs are already into round two, how has it been?

The NBA playoffs started on  April 15 and are already into the second round. The teams advancing from round one in the Eastern Conference are the Raptors, Celtics, 76ers, and Cavaliers. The advancing teams from the Western Conference are the Rockets, Warriors, Jazz, and the Pelicans.

“I think the Golden State Warriors will win the championship,”  sophomore Josh Ellis said

The Golden State Warriors are the favorites. The Warriors have gone to the last three NBA Finals and won two of them. They also have four All Stars on their roster, the most in the league. The Warriors have been compared to some of the greatest teams in history and, they won their first round series (4-1) over the San Antonio Spurs.

“Lebron James should win the MVP every single season,” junior Blake Busateri said.

However there is a team from the Eastern Conference that has dominated the past few years as well. The Cleveland Cavaliers have also appeared in the past three NBA Finals but only winning one. The Cavs had a major scare in the first round against the 5 seed Indiana Pacers being forced to a game 7.