War in Syria?

Jon Kyser, Reporter

The bombings in Syria by the United States opened up the public eye to Syria, but was it the right thing to intervene?

The USA and a few other countries like France and the UK did a bomb run in Syria, and has gotten the whole world reacting. Bashar al-Assad the Syrian President was rumored to have made chemical attacks on the citizens in Syria causing an outrage from the United States and other countries. This produced violent reactions including a bombing run. However not all countries were happy we did this, Russian leader Vladimir Putin expressed his anger against it stating that there will be consequences.

“We did what we had to do,” junior Blake Busateri said.

While Syria might not be the biggest threat to the United States, causing issues with Russia could be. Memories of the Cold War rush back to many as once again the US and Russia are in an argument stage. However, it is not that severe yet but it has a chance to get that intense.

“This may escalate but it was something the US couldn’t deal with lightly,” junior Logan Kinsley said

As the US gets praise and criticism for what they did, there is no question that the reasoning can be argued. The crime of killing innocent people as a leader should be met with a punishment.