G-Eazy Concert

Michaela Broder, Reporter

On August 12 on of the most widely known rappers in the United States came to  the Hollywood Amphitheater stage hin Maryland Heights.

G-Eazy has been in the rap game for a little over four years; ever since, G-Eazy has been a mainstream rapper for millennials.

“His concert was super chill. My favorite part was when he played “Drop.” Then it was really cool when YNB Nahmir walked in front of us,” sophomore Kyle Lewton said.

One of G-Eazy’s singles,”Me, Myself and I” reached top 10 on the US Billboard top 100. He was nominated for Best Hip-Hop artist in 2016; in 2017, he won Favorite Hip-Hop artist.

“At the concert some songs that were performed were ‘Calm Down,’ ‘Him and I’ and ‘I Mean It.’ He put on a really good show, he showed his appreciation for the crowd and got a really good vibe going and everyone there just went insane,” sophomore Sophia Simpson said.

Aside from G-Eazy, artists like Lil Uzi Vert, TY Dolla $ign, YBN Nahmir, P-Lo and DJ Murda Beatz preformed as well, all as part of The Endless Summer tour.

“I’ve never been to a concert like it. The energy everyone had during the concert was amazing. I’ve been listening to G-Eazy for as long as I can remember, and the concert was just mind blowing,” junior Navon Richmond said.

G-Eazy’s first major-label album, These Things Happen, was released June 23, 2014. Some of the songs on the album included “These Things Happen,” “I Mean It,” “Opportunity Cost,” “Almost Famous,” “Tumblr Girls,” “Remember You” and “Let’s Get Lost.”