Pollution is Causing a Decrease in the Population’s Intelligence

Michaela Broder, Reporter

Recently there has been debate on if pollution is decreasing the overall intelligence of the population.  

“It is most definitely credible to say pollution could cause this issue. Many people with degrees have researched this topic and found that, although it may not have a direct impact on a humans brain, it could indirectly affect one’s mental capabilities which, in turn, could affect someone’s overall intelligence,” science teacher Mr. Roe said.

China and the United Kingdom as proven in an article by Independent, have shown the better the air quality, the better memory children have. The developing brain is more susceptible to these effects than fully developed brains.

“There is no completely accurate data to support this claim. This is just something scientists do to stir the pot every ten years or so, just to get people thinking about pollution to scare them and prevent them from polluting the world even more,” history Tom Papez said.

There are also conspiracy theories to that exactly, involving the government and scientists doing such a thing to raise awareness to topics such as that without directly or indirectly knowing any effects that could come from such a thing as pollution.

“Although pollution is a combination of many different things over many years i’m sure it would have some kind of impact on ones brain or health overall.” Junior Adam Polly said.