Carley Zimmerman, Reporter

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On August 31, rapper Eminem dropped a surprise album,“Kamikaze.” After nothing from him for almost a year following his “Revival,” this was his follow up.

He featured artists such as Royce Da 5’9, Jessie Reyes, and Joyner Lucas however most people are focusing on a specific song, “Not Alike,”  in which Eminem disses artist and fellow rapper, Machine Gun Kelly. After the song was released, MGK spoke up and gave a reply in his own song “Rap Devil,” a play on of Eminem’s “Rap God.”

“MGK’s response was funny, kinda dumb, because everyone else was chill about and let Eminem say whatever and he felt the need to react,”junior Quinton Smith said

Most people seem to agree with him. Some have said that his response was unnecessary, while others have said it was epic and the best thing he could have done.

“It was terrible,” freshman Caden Moore said.

After MGK’s response, rapper G Eazy decided to take a turn in the diss war and made a track about MGK. G Eazy posted a photo on Instagram with Eminem with a caption saying “let’s talk about it” quoting MGK’s line from his diss track.

Fans have said that what Eminem and G Eazy have said about him has destroyed him and his career. Comments of each other’s daughters were made, disses on attire, facial hair and much more.

Many fans have sat back to watch the drama unfold. Even those who do not consider themselves fans of the artists have taken the time to follow the banter between the three men. Though the drama seems to be coming to an end, many are still waiting to see what else may come from the rappers and who will make the next move.