Working Students

Michaela Broder, Reporter

As this generation evolves more and more students begin working earlier and earlier according to a majority of the 200 students that were spoken to at Timberland. A large sum of students at Timberland either work part-time or have even worked a full-time job before, usually over the summer.

College Board encourages students who work to find a balance between work and school to better prepare for the working world. Working teaches students about responsibility and can also reinforce what they are learning in school. Often students who work more than 15 to 20 hours per week often experience decreased school success according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

”I make money and have a job to have gas money to get to school every day, although it gives less time to complete school assignments. Sometimes students may be called in during school hours and may be forced to choose between working and going to school which leads students to have a lower attendance rate,” sophomore Matthew Mangin.

“Working at a younger age teaches a student to manage their time better and it’s often a struggle to manage your time between your work, school and social life,” junior Conner Benefield said.

Several studies by the National Center for Education Statistics, Dundes and Marx, also a study by Gary Pike were conducted to see different academic effects that are made for working several working students with part-time jobs.

“The current state of students’ health was compared to the sex‐ and age‐related norms for the general population, it showed that seven of the eight areas of health measured were significantly poorer than those of the general population. Accordingly, working more hours increased the probability that a student perceived a negative effect on academic performance. In conclusion, it is recommended that several measures be implemented to help students, to organize study and part-time work to best effect,” University of Glasgow researcher Claire Carney said according to