Free Amazon Prime for the Holidays

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Amazon is offering free shipping on all orders through December 22. Amazon fell below the bar on their estimated sales this year, and some feel this may be a way to boost sales while simultaneously stealing consumers from other companies. Target, and other big companies have done free holiday shipping like this in the past.

“Some people don’t have the money to pay shipping or Amazon Prime, so this is perfect,” sophomore Michael Sitarski said.

Prime members always have free two day shipping, and those who  spend a minimum of $25 to get the free shipping, but for the holidays everyone will receive free two day shipping.

“Sometimes I can’t find things in real stores, so I use Amazon. They have everything,” sophomore Carson Alexander said.

Prime members in the United States also get a holiday perk. More than three million items will be eligible for same-day delivery for the holidays.

“[Amazon] Prime is great, you get free shipping and Twitch prime,” sophomore Grant Chapman said.

Amazon is not the only company that offers free shipping on the holidays, Target, Bass Pro Shop, Samsung and Best Buy all offer seasonal free shipping.

“It’s pointless to have prime during the holidays, the one day shipping is just a gimmick,” Sitarski said.

The promotion ends on December 22, so orders before December 22, should arrive in time for the holidays.