Raiders Quarterback Caught Watching Blank Tapes


Hayden See, Reporter

Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell given fake tapes of game film to prove he did not watch them.

Early this November, suspicious backup quarterback JaMarcus Russell did not watch game film, Oakland Raiders coaches sent him home with game film. In an attempt to prove he did not watch film, the coaches did this many times.

“It is disheartening to see a professional athlete not being able to watch even a little bit of game film. If you fail to do a simple task at any other job, you are fired. He should face some sort of punishment at the very least,” junior Britt Schrieber said.

Drafted out of college with the number one pick in the 2007 NFL draft, Russell has not lived up the expectations. In his best season he only put up a quarterback rating of 32 with 2,400 yards and a 13-8 touchdown to interception ratio, leading the Raiders to a five win season in 2007.

“The Raiders have been a disappointment to the NFL for years. Last year they were somewhat decent and then they hired Gruden to a $100 million deal and only have one win on the season. They messed up big time,” junior Roman Smith said.

Last offseason the Oakland Raiders, soon to be Las Vegas Raiders, signed head coach Jon Gruden to a ten year $100 million deal. He is also in charge of general manager duties. Since the hiring, the Raiders have one win. Coming off of a season in which they almost made the playoffs, it is painful for many Raiders fans to see the team struggling again. Many of them blame the Jon Gruden hiring.

“Getting Jon Gruden was a horrible decision. He has not helped Oakland one bit,” junior Blake Haffer said.

The Raiders go for their third win of the season this week against the Ravens.