The Jaworski Family Roadtrip

Kayla Davito, Reporter

Outside the window, mountains, beaches or trees are flying by. Inside the window are freshman Elizabeth Jaworski and her family, set out on a road trip across the country.

Over the span of four years, the Jaworski family has traveled through 48 out of 50 states in America. The idea began with her parents, especially her dad, whose family had always been big on traveling. So, an RV was packed and an adventure began.

The road trip was spread out into four separate trips that each occurred during the summer. The first trip was in 2009, with her mom, dad and her brothers, Josh and Jase.

“Sometimes, if we were driving through their state, we would pick up my grandma or aunt and they would continue the trip with us,” Jaworski said.

“I think that is a pretty cool accomplishment to have driven through 48 states. I have not done that,” her friend Destiny Ellsworth said.

When they were driving, Jaworski and her family would typically spend a day or less in each state.

“Even though we sometimes spent less than a day, we still got to see landmarks and experience some cool things.” Jaworski said.

But road trips are not always as glamourous as people might think.

“I did not like Utah. That was my least favorite, if I had to pick. It was really hot and windy,” Jaworski said.

However, sometimes things got worse than boredom from heat or repetitive scenery. When they were in Ohio, their RV got shot at.

“We found out later they were BB gun holes in the side of our RV; and it took two hours for the police to show up,” Jawsworki said.

There were plenty of positive occurrences during their trips though. For example, Jaworski tried sushi for the first time- and liked it. Other than Utah, Jaworski said she did like most of the others.

“My favorite state would probably be New York, because of Times Square. It was pretty awesome,” Jaworski said.

The Jaworski family has been to 48 states, but they do not plan to stop there.

“We plan to take a cruise to Alaska. As for Hawaii, me and my brothers are on our own. Our parents went to Hawaii on their honeymoon, so if we want to go, we have to figure it out,” Jaworski said.

“She is just happy-go-lucky and positive,” said Ellsworth. When Jaworski was asked about her favorite part of traveling, she responded:

“I would have to say that, overall, my favorite part of traveling is just being together with my family,” Jaworski said.