C-Team Boys Soccer Review


Jessica Spivey

Freshmen Zac Dawkins and sophomore Aiden Alderson are part of C-Team soccer.

Toby Sovereen, Reporter

Cheers erupt from the stands as the last shot of the game is made. The team stands triumphant against the other team.

C team soccer won their final game, along with 12 of their other games. They only lost six games this season.

“Our team did really [well] this season, and we worked well as a group,” C team soccer player Caleb Watson said.

Most teams must be able to work with one another so they can cooperate with each other on a focused goal which, in the case of C-team, would be winning. The team said they believe their coordination played a role in their skill level during the season, as did their compatibility with each other. 

“My team did [well] this season, and I hope we can have a great season for high school next year,” C team soccer player Alex Pashea said.

Watson said he hopes the best for his teammates next year as well; many members of the team will move up in the ranks from C team to the JV team.

“I think we did [well] this season, because we won more than 50 percent of our games,” C team soccer player Blake Gustafson said.

According to the players, they look forward to their time in high school soccer. Some stay in the same leagues and are a team for the rest of their years at Timberland, building their relationship even further. Others may stay behind in or advance to different teams.

“I started playing soccer eight years ago. I chose soccer, because I like how it keeps me active and it’s always a fast pace game,” Watson said.

Some players, like Pashea who has played for 13 years, have worked to develop their skills early on.  This early development lets them get used to the sport and learn to love it, just as Watson said he did.

C-team won their last game of the season, which, they said, was a nice finish for them. All and all, C team said they had had a good season and they are satisfied with how well they played.