The Achievements of Jeremy Boesch


Toby Sovereen

English teacher Jeremy Boesch has taught at THS for 14 years.

Toby Sovereen, Reporter

The bell rings. Smiling faces of students shuffle out the door, and English teacher Jeremy Boesch sits in his chair, smiling. He had done his job, and now it was time to go home to his family.

“My biggest accomplishments would be having a wonderful family and living the dream of my profession. I really enjoy seeing kids who have left my class be successful and have better English skills,” Boesch said.

Boesch has been a teacher at Timberland for 14 years. He has taught French and English, but he said he gets the same feeling from each class, the pleased feeling of a job well done and the satisfaction that every student leaves knowing a little bit more. He said that by teaching those students even the smallest amount; he knows he has made a little bit the next generation a little more prepared for the years to come.

“I like him. I think he’s smart, interesting and he does a good job. A lot of the time, you can find teachers being negative about students, but I don’t see that in him,” science teacher Amy Genta said.

Genta has many talks with Boesch during passing periods. According to her, he makes good use of his time off as a teacher, planning vacations for his family during the fall, winter, spring and summer breaks, a skill she now uses for herself in her own time.

“He’s cool. He is definitely one of my favorites,” freshman Mya Mitchell, said.

Mitchell, who is in Boesch’s 5th hour English 1 class, said she already likes him after being in his class just four months. She Boesch says he builds a relationship with each class, he helps them in any way he can.

“He was teacher of the year, and that was a pretty big deal. He teaches a hard English class, and I would think that’s a big accomplishment,” sophomore Payton Faust said.

Faust had Boesch as a teacher last year, and she said she thinks he is fun. With positive reinforcement given by Boesch, his harder classes do not seem as hard according to Faust. Boesch has many accomplishments, but he knows that preparing students for the future is his biggest one.

“He was a great nominee [for teacher of the year,] and he really deserves it,” Genta said.