Professionalism in the Presidency

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

There is one word that President Trump needs to learn: professionalism. Many people think that the President’s media presence should have dignity and respect. Even many Republicans say Trump’s tweets are “beneath the dignity of the presidency,” according to an article from

Though not always enamored with the press, previous presidents understood and respected the importance and role a free press plays in our democracy and treated members with respect.

There is a long tradition in US politics of candidates modulating their language to appear more down to earth, and of world political leaders deliberately dumbing down so as not to appear elitist. Trump is different. He uses words that demean the audience.

President Trump flattens the English language, relying heavily on words to diminish his foes by calling them “losers,” “total losers,” “haters,” “dumb,” “idiots,” “morons,” “stupid,” “dummy” and “disgusting.”

Trump using twitter is another low. Twitter’s 140 character limit means that the President has to simplify his speech even more than it already is. Also, using hashtags allows him to invent new insults such as “#crookedHillary.”

President Trump’s language is of the simplest seen in any recent President.