Claire Leonard: JV Dancer

Kayla Davito, Reporter

During half times and competitions, people see the perfected routines of the junior varsity dance team, but not the hours of practice behind it.

One of the team members is freshman Claire Leonard who has been dancing for 11 years.

“My sister really inspired me to start dancing, and I tried out for the team because I love dance,” Leonard said.

Last year, Leonard was on the South Middle School eighth grade team. Leonard does all styles of dance, specifically, ballet.

“Claire is a good teammate, because she is always motivating us to keep going. She is always really hard working,” freshman Dylon Delgado said.

Practice is generally believed to make perfect for competitions, and the girls on the junior varsity dance team practice a lot, at least two and a half hours, three times a week.

“It is great, because we all work hard and are professional, but we are also all friends who are able to talk to each other,” Leonard said.

The team, made up of 11 girls, seem to get along well.

“My teammates are good. We are really lucky this year, there is no drama,” Leonard said.

Leonard’s teammates are also very enthusiastic about what she brings to the team.

“Claire is sweet, caring and positive. She is a good teammate, because she is always positive and motivates us to work hard,” freshman Ava Christian said.

The dance team had their first competition of the season the first week of December.

“I have competed before; it was last year when I was on the 8th grade dance team. My favorite dance I have performed was a lyrical jazz dance to a song by Rihanna. My least favorite dance was a hip hop dance. It was awful. I hated it, and I looked like a worm,” said Leonard.

Hopefully, the team will do well at their competition soon.

“I think the team is doing pretty good this year,” freshman Victoria Lewis said.

“It is all about dedication,” Delgado said.

Overall, the Timberland junior varsity dance team seems to be having a good season. The team pushes each other to work hard and be their best, but are also friends who can talk. Each girl brings something different to the team, including Leonard. The dedication they are giving is sure to pay off in competition, especially if they have the same reason as Leonard: “I dance because I love it,” Leonard said.